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Precision Machined Medical Components by EMT

Engineered Medical Technologies, a division of Herker Industries, is a leader in manufacturing of precision machined components for the medical and aerospace industries. A majority of EMT's business is the precision machining of parts used for medical devices and equipment. These parts are machined with advanced equipment designed to maintain tight tolerance specifications.


EMT Precision Machining of Components for the Medical Industry

We are an OEM that works with global leaders of high-level assemblies. Engineered Medical Technologies creates complex parts and unique components for the following medical devices and equipment:

  • Blood purification systems
  • Cardiovascular and endovascular devices
  • DNA machinery
  • Hospital equipment
  • Orthopedic medical devices
  • Pulse meters
  • Surgical robotics units
  • Surgical tools and more
  • X-ray, CT, and MRI components

EMT's advanced manufacturing options use state-of-the-art equipment, employ an array of added value secondary operations and production services. EMT's processes are guided and supported by skilled machinists and professional engineers.


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