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February 2017


Focus on Profitability   Productivity Corner

The Value of Emotional Intelligence

The quality that can make the difference in being a dependable, capable leader.



5 Ways to Brighten Your Facility

LED lighting is designed for efficiency and outstanding performance but also learn of it's rapidly expanding potential.



10 Tips to Improve Material Handling

Improving your manufacturing material handling can help reduce the cost of inventory and production, and enhance efficiency.


How to Prioritize Like a CEO in Manufacturing

6 simple tips to increase you productivity by learning how to delegate and prioritize projects to employees.


Manufacturing Costs for Business Success
Pricing strategies are important when understanding how to target markets and stay a step ahead of competitors.
  How Can Manufacturing Execution Systems Boost Productivity?
Learn how MES is a smart investment for companies to improve their performance through detailed real-time data. 
5 Secret Ways to Increase Sales 
Learn how to improve profitability by creating a successful sales plan to boost revenue.  
   5 Tips for New Project Managers
Knowing how to prioritize projects is important when managing a manufacturing team. Learn how to improve production efficiency.
Analyzing Big Data
Understanding big data will help businesses control the quality of their manufacturing. Using an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) can help save overhead cost.
  Smart Manufacturing
What drives your leadership team? In the field of manufacturing, it is important to understand how your team is driven to maximize employees work performance.
Lessons in Supply Management
Supply chain efficiency is crucial for growth and success in manufacturing. Learn how demand modeling can help with managing inventory.
  improve-work-cultureHow to Improve Work Culture
Team members want to feel encouraged to go above and beyond at work. By providing guidance and constructive criticism, employees can improve work performance. 
4 Keys to Business Sustainability
Many people think that buying at  the lowest cost is the number one way to sustain their business. See how the cost holds up long-term vs. short-term.
  3 Ways to Get More Women in Manufacturing
Women comprise 47 percent of the overall labor force, but for women in manufacturing, it’s just 27 percent.
The True Cost of Bearing Lubrication
Don't overlook this simple solution that can have a positive impact on profitability.

How to Be Energy Efficient in Manufacturing
Manufacturers need to understand energy use and identify the ways to keep costs as low as possible.

Buying New vs. Used Equipment
With technology changing at a dramatic pace, entrepreneurs may assume that buying the newest products is the best option. But that's not always the case. 
  Workforce Tips for Manufacturers
As a manufacturer, you don't want workers - you want company ambassadors. You want a team of employees who are enthusiastic about their careers.
How Buyers Can Achieve Cost Savings in Manufacturing
Buyers do more than place orders with vendors; they research with suppliers, negotiate deals and ensure the best deals. In each of these roles, buyers have the potential to save their company money.
  5 Tips on How to Become an Innovative Engineer
Rocket scientist Brett Hoffstadt shares five tips for becoming more innovative as an engineer. Experimentation and close attention to detail are just two elements of a forward-thinking idea.
9 Tips to Making the Right Equipment Purchase
While the right equipment can help your company weather economic downturns, a bad purchase can hurt your ability to compete. That's why it's crucial to analyze the pros and cons of every purchase.
  System Efficiency Through Air Quality Control
Monitoring contaminants in compressed air can go a long way towards keeping sensitive and expensive equipment operating for longer periods and help diagnose trends before they cause problems. 
Design Tips   Technology News

7 Tips to Creating Your First Prototype

Prototype evaluation using 3D models bring your vision to life.



Practical Project Encourages Future Welders

A high school project has students use real life math skills while practicing their vocation.



Metal Bellows 101

Metal bellows are an essential component in demanding sensing and sealing application in machining. There is a broad range of applications in motion design for the use of metal bellows.



Virtual Reality Will Impact the Future of Factory Floor Planning

Virtual reality will change the future of floor planning in warehouses and give customers access to engage in virtual environments.


Proper Design Tips for Functional Sheet-Metal Design
Did you know 30% to 50% of manufacturers spend their time fixing errors? Learn how to close this gap with the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) strategy while developing sheet-metal designs.
  New Framework for Creating Global Additive Manufacturing Standards
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and ASTM International have established the Additive Manufacturing Standards Development Structure. The new standards are an effort to accelerate the application of new technologies.
Packaging Design Rules You Need for Distribution 
Smart Packaging Design is a long-term investment which can decrease maintenance cost for a business.
  How Industry 4.0 is Changing the Future
How is technology evolving manufacturing? Learn how Industry 4.0 will influence machining the next year.
Design Techniques for Proper Injection Moulding
Learn 9 cost-effective design tips to ensure proper use of plastic materials.
  Robots Rising in Manufacturing
Robots are predicted to take over the assembly line and help increase the speed of mass production.
17 Tips for Designing Cost Effective Machined Parts
Save money by learning multiple design tips that will improve your company's productivity.
  Farmers Get a Head Start on Tomorrow's Technology
High-tech sensors and maps are used to help farmers track activity at each location
Choosing the Right Metal Bellows
How to specify different bellows and how to choose the right one.
  Top 5 Advances in Medical Technology
Engineering and medicine come together as the medical device industry is making things easier, effective, and cheaper.
4 Tips for Stronger Blind-Rivet Joints
Four rules that are unique when assembling the commonly used blind rivet fastener.
  Bringing the DeLorean Back
The DeLorean is going back into production for the first time since 1982.
Sheet Metal Allowance for Curved Parts
A series of universal equations to calculate and conduct a test bend.
  More Autonomous Cars on Public Roads in 2016
Reports suggest that autonomous vehicles could penetrate the market as early as 2017.
How to Avoid 'Dieseling' in Hydraulic Cylinders
Stop hydraulic cylinder rod seals from leaking and improve service life. 
  New Medical Technology Reveals Veins Beneath Skin
A hand-held device that can reveal the veins beneath a patient's skin. 
Tips for Maximizing Cylinder Performance
Design engineers should consider many factors to properly size an actuator.
  25 Best Smart Device Apps for Engineers
These apps are making it a whole lot easier for engineers to get their job done out in the field,