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Quality: A Way of Life for EMT


Just like real LIFE there are many facets to EMT's quality program. The main goal is to ensure customer's requirements through consistent quality. We strive for process standardization, zero defects, and waste elimination.


Aspects of Engineered Medical Technologies Quality Strategy

APQP   Advanced Product Quality Planning. Guidelines to follow when developing procedures and techniques used to manufacture products.

PPAP   Product Part Approval Process. Demonstrates that the developed production process meets client's requirements.

Risk Analysis   Identifies potential problems and how to manage such threats should they arise.

Verification & Validation  
Ensures scalability. Confirmation of process (verification) and documentation of program to execute the process that consistently produces the machined products (validation).

Gage Control   Consists of measurement system analysis, gage calibration and stability monitoring.

Gage R & R   Repeatability and reproduceability determines the variation in a measurement system. Key to this is being able to identify which system contributes most to the variation of measurements and helps operators plan improvements to the system.
Operation Control Plans    The process of coping with changes to variables and adjusting in order to achieve a goal.

Lean Manufacturing   The process to identify and eliminate waste while maintaining process standardization and zero defects.


The ability to give input and have control over ones work leads to engagement, increased productivity and performance, and a better manufacturing intellect.

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