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EMT Saves Medical Industry Money
Posted by Tim Wachs | September 30, 2014
We get it. You're looking for an ISO 13485-certified supplier who provides you with high-quality parts delivered on time. Perhaps that supplier earns bonus points if they are attentive, friendly, and can save you money too. Maybe now is the time to add EMT to your supplier list!


Gimme some background on EMT.


Engineered Medical Technologies (EMT) began operations in 2011 in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. As a division of Herker Industries, EMT was created to provide contract medical device manufacturing and assembly services - all in one location. We're all about making life easier for our customers. EMT uses state-of-the-art machines and processes to manufacture complex medical parts with exacting tolerances and high-end finishes. Our equipment is the top of the line, and our highly-trained staff are some of the best in the industry. Oh, and remember, we're ISO 13485:2003-certified.


Cut to the chase. Talk about saving me money.


The key to saving money is using a supplier who can do everything you need under one roof. EMT has you covered.

  • Work with you to optimize the design of your part.
  • Determine the best and most efficient order of operations to save you time and money.
  • Develop a robust process to efficiently manufacture your part with our engineering experts.
  • Combine your completed part with other parts, we've made or procured for you, as an assembly.
  • Securely pack and ship your items so they are delivered safely and on time.

If that isn't enough, we'll save you headaches and frustration by assigning you a single point of contact. No more jumping through hoops and re-explaining your project again and again.


Love what you're hearing? Want to learn more?


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About Engineered Medical Technologies (EMT)

Established as a division of Herker Industries in 2011, Engineered Medical Technologies (EMT) focuses on the needs of medical device OEM customers. EMT utilizes specialized equipment, tools and processes to meet the unique requirements of the medical industry. EMT is ISO 13485:2003-certified.


To know more about EMT's parent company Herker Industries click here.

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